Back to school immunizations  ACE Award- Lisa Smith
 Breastfeeding- a true super power  Bats in home?
A hot car is no place for a child or pet  Smith SOAR Certified
Summer Food Safety  Fluoride Varnish Program
West Nile Virus  Exercise caution around bats

 Children's Special Health Care Services
Tick Season is Here
   Salmonella and baby chicks
 Water Well Safety  
 ACE Award winner announced  
  Kids: Choose water for a sparkling smile! Influenza/Norovirus
January 2017  
Birth defects prevention  
 ACE Award winner announced  
Sharps program  Carbon Monoxide
November 2016  
Lead poisoning is preventable Annual Award Winners
ACE Award winner announced  
October 2016  
A storm is brewing: Are you prepared?  
September 2016  
Carfentanil mixed with heroin  
August 2016  
The Talk Back-To-School Immunizations
ACE Award Winner-Laura Grosskopf  
July 2016  

Learn how to spot meth waste

Stay Cool
June 2016  
Mosquitos and West Nile Virus Bats and Rabies
Summer Food Safety Household Hazardous Waste Collection
Volunteers Needed  
May 2016  
MDARD Advisory - Two Day Vesical Contamination ACE Award Winner - Mario Lucchesi
April 2016  
Ticks Salmonella and Poultry
Medication Drop-Off Day Lead Poisoning
March 2016  
Shingles Vaccine Phone Survey
MMDHD Nationally Accredited - Clinton County MMDHD Nationally Accredited - Gratiot County
February 2016  
MMDHD Nationally Accredited - Montcalm County  
January 2016  
Radon Reasons to get a flu shot
ACE Award Winner - Sue Corrigan Children's Dental Health Month