Name  Position Phone Number
Allen, Katie PH Representative III 989-875-1002
Beagle, Courtney PH Representative II 989-227-3110
Black, Pauline PH Representative I 989-875-1037
Bonga, Breann PH Representative II 989-831-3603
Bowerman, Melissa Director of Admin Services 989-831-3641
Brewer, Hailey Emergency Preparedness Coordinator 989-831-3662
Byrne, Adam EH Specialist I 989-875-1021
Cheatham, Marcus Health Officer 989-831-3614
Corrigan, Sue PH Representative II 989-875-1004
Currie, Wendy CHED Supervisor 989-875-1028
Deford, Eric EH Specialist I 989-831-3619
Doak, Sarah CHED Supervisor 989-227-3109
Efaw, Jenniffer Nurse Practitioner 989-875-1013
Felton, Angie Community Health Worker 989-227-3142
Finn, Laurie Public Health Nurse II 989-875-1055
Fowler, Bryan EH Supervisor 989-875-1020
Fox, Peggy PH Nurse II 989-227-3115
Gouin, Bob EH Division Director 989-831-3640
Gronda, Linda PH Representative III 989-875-1024
Grosskopf, Laura Public Health Nurse II 989-831-3615
Holdeman, Andrew MIS Specialist II 989-831-3642
Hood, Gayle Registered Dietitian 989-227-3138
House, Cassie WIC Peer Counselor 989-875-1043
Hoyt, Rex Data Specialist 989-831-3627
Hunt, Laura PH Representative II 989-831-3606
Kent, Dena PH Nurse II 989-227-3119
Keon, Norm Epidemiologist 989-875-1023
Kinnee, Leslie Public Information Officer 989-831-3669
Kizer, Jake EH Specialist I 989-831-3636
Klein, Paul EH Specialist I 989-227-3104
Little, Charity EH Specialist II 989-227-3107
Lucchesi, Mario Information Technology Coordinator 989-831-3600
Martin, Angie Registered Dietitian 989-875-1011
McPherson, Michelle Community Health Worker 989-227-3123
Mikesell, Lisa PH Nurse III 989-875-1019
Montgomery, Nicole WIC Peer Counselor 989-227-3137
Morgan, Erin PH Representative II 989-831-3602
Morse, Dr Jennifer Medical Director 989-773-5921, extension 1427
Near, Janea PH Representative II 989-227-3118
Partlo, Cindy Executive Administrative Assistant 989-831-3610
Peterman, Stacey Hearing/Vision Technician 989-831-3629
Peters, Kim PH Representative II 989-875-1014
Pope, Ross Quality and Process Improvement Coordinator 989-831-3601
Sawdy, Jamie PH Representative II 989-831-3643
Schneider, Duane EH Specialist II 989-227-3116
Schulz, Megan PH Nurse II 989-875-1009
Shaffer, Amanda CSHCS Parent Liaison 989-831-3637
Shepler, Jamie PH Nurse I 989-831-3611
Siedlik, Carol PH Representative II 989-831-3632
Simon, Laura Registered Dietitian 989-831-3672
Simon, Laureen PH Representative II 989-227-3121
Smith, Candy PH Representative II 989-831-3647
Smith, Cathy PH Representative II 989-875-1015
Smith, Lisa PH Representative II 989-227-3117
Smith, Lonnie EH Supervisor 989-831-3635
Smith, Molly Community Health Worker 989-875-1033
Sternhagen, Jeannette Hearing/Vision Technician 989-875-1043
Strack, Jacque PH Nurse II 989-831-3626
Stratton, Jennifer CHED Supervisor 989-831-3609
Steenwyk, Seth EH Specialist I 989-831-3649
Stevens, Holly HR Specialist 989-831-3633
Stoddard, Becky Public Health Nurse III 989-227-3111
Suarez, Ruby PH Representative II 989-831-3628
Tabor, Andrea CHED Director 989-831-3639
Tate, Ashley MCIR Coordinator 989-227-3105
Tenwalde, Cameron EH Specialist I 989-831-3620
Thelen, Cheryl Social Worker / Health Educator II 989-831-3634
Thelen, Sara Health Educator II 989-227-3140
Tran, Samantha Community Health Worker 989-831-3618
Treynor, Shelley Oral Health Prevention Coordinator 989-831-3621
VanDop, Tammara WIC Peer Counselor 989-831-3625
Wadle, Dawn Finance Specialist 989-831-3622
Wall, Pat PH Representative II 989-831-3607
Wallen, Mary Hearing/Vision Technician 989-227-3125
Waterman, Bonnie Accounting Clerk II 989-831-3623